Your business may have 1,000 sq ft or 1 million of carpet, either is one of the most expensive investments in your facility. Getting more out of your investment by preserving your carpet while creating a healthy work environment is our top priority. Minimize wear and tear by regular cleaning without water, chemicals orresidue using our ground breaking Ion-Exchange technology!

Utah Carpet Cleaning


Large or small, whether 1,000 square feet or 1 million square feet of carpet, flooring
is one of the most expensive investments in any facility. One of the amazing qualities of
carpet is that it acts as a giant filter collecting dust, dirt, pollutants and multitudes of
other particles that walk or float into the building.

The key to preserving your commercial grade carpet investment is to clean out these
filtered elements on a consistent schedule using our CleanPro system. Properly done, regular cleaning will minimize wear and tear while creating a healthier, happier work environment.

A technological advancement using Ion Exchange, exclusive to the Cleanpro Utah Carpet
Cleaning System we license, preserves and deep cleans carpet using special charged
atoms called ions. Positive and negative charges create a magnetic-like reaction that
draws out unwanted particles from your carpet fibers.

No chemicals, no water saturation, no soaps, and no residue and a pure "green" clean is the only way we do operate! We are the top Utah carpet cleaning company for a true green clean.

Impact on your business operations is minimal with commercial carpets typically drying in
an hour or less. Faster drying means a healthier work environment.Extend overall carpet life because your carpet stays cleaner longer, another savings in terms of impact on business operations and expense.

The professionals at Ioniclean have the right tools at the right time to help your carpet
get clean, protected and preserved. Let’s work on your specific needs to bring the
future of carpet cleaning to you today! Ioniclean is simply the best Utah carpet cleaner!

We currently offer Utah carpet cleaning to Davis, Weber, Salt Lake and Summit Counties. We also cover parts of Idaho. 

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