Utah Carpet cleaning

Starting in the mid 1990’s I started and subsequently sold several different

businesses, and in 2011 was looking for a new opportunity. A friend who was

a franchise broker suggested a carpet cleaning business that was uniquely

different from any other, to which I scoffed and immediately dismissed from

any further thought. Carpet cleaning had always been a waste of money,

leaving us with waterlogged floors, dirtier two weeks later with soapy residue

leaving our carpet feeling sticky and gritty. Oh yes, and due to health concerns

my family needed a healthy, non-chemical, environmentally responsible and

organic process!

Other ideas came and went and my friend again brought up the idea of

Cleanpro as a fit to my search criteria. Relenting, my due diligence led me to

astounding reviews and positive feedback. Every bit of research told me that

the Cleanpro carpet cleaning system was revolutionary, ground-breaking, and

far superior process involving a technology called Ion- Exchange.

Finally convinced that Utah carpet cleaning could be done in an ethical, results

driven, healthy and eco-friendly way that, most importantly, yielded far

superior results, made the decision easy. Our first 6 years of business

have been built strictly by word of mouth, referral, and relationships.


Our highest priority is building long-term relationship with our clients by

providing amazing results with competitive pricing and unparalleled

customer service.  Utah carpet cleaning




Bruce Williams

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Utah Carpet Cleaning